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Purpose of the tray

C.w.u. tray. (boiler) - comfort of using hot water

Central heating boilers. and heat pumps allow not only heating the house, but also utility water. However, in order for the user to simultaneously use hot water in several places of its collection and at the appropriate temperature, it is necessary to equip it with a suitable hot water tank., so-called. water boiler.

Hot water storage tanks and boilers - available types

In the Online Installation Warehouse you will find a wide range of hot water containers. for boilers (and not only). Hot water pump containers, flow water heaters, electric capacitive heaters are also available. Models of horizontal and vertical orientation boilers are offered, including enamelled boilers, as well as buffer tanks (heat buffers), multifunctional and stainless steel containers.

Among the individual types of water tanks were both those with a single or double coil and boilers without a coil. The offer also includes electric water heaters in a wide range of capacities from 20 to 100 liters at attractive prices!

To hot water containers. we also recommend the necessary accessories to equip, such as magnesium anodes, titanium anodes and replaceable electric heaters for storage tanks. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer. If you have questions or advice in choosing the right hot water heater, please contact us.